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I'm not sure what happened this week! I moved the dyeing in to the "Dye Shed" and all of the collaborations happened at the same time! Well, by "all" I mean two! And I've absolutely loved working with some amazing people!

Around The World in 80 Socks by Mina Philipp

A skein of purple and grey with bright speckles laying next to a water colour postcard showing a map view of London.

When Mina Philipp, the designer and podcaster also known as the Knitting Expat, asked me if I'd like to dye something up for her upcoming sock club, of course I had to! I dyed up London Dusk, inspired by Mina's hometown, as well as my own, London! If you didn't know already, Mina has a thing for purple, so this colourway just had to have a grey-purple blend in it. The yarn is now in the shop as a pre-order.  The sock club begins in March and you can find all the details about that on Mina's podcast episode/show notes here. I can't wait to make my own London Socks! 

Some Mini Fun

One heathered rainbow mini skein set and one Red Sea-inspired mini set.

I've also been having lots and lots of fun with minis!!! You'll find the results of some of my mini skein escapades in the shop now. The Red Sea Mini Set began with Red Sea Sepia on minis and the other colourways just happened! 

Ramadan Wool Club

And the second collaboration is The Ramadan Wool Club! I'm so excited about this! I get to work with four other Muslim indie dyers to put together a delightful box of minis and treats to count down the month of Ramadan leading up to Eid. Ramadan is a month of fasting but for most of us, it's a month of reflection, community, charity and doing good in general. And Eid is the celebration that marks the end of Ramadan. I think it would be lovely to open up a little treat everyday and knit or crochet it up. We will be including both a knit and crochet pattern too! 

The other talented dyers I get to work with on this are: Abuelita Fiber Company, Aquarius Make, Hawari Bazaar and Knitting Niqabi.

The Ramadan Wool Club comes in two options:

  • 30 Nights of Wool: 30 x 20g mini skeins dyed between the 5 dyers, a bunch of extra treats and something special for Eid!
  • 10 Nights of Wool: 10 x 20g mini skeins dyed between the 5 dyers, a bunch of extra treats and something special for Eid!

The club will ship out of both the UK and the US, so you can pick the best option based on your location.

The pre-order goes live at 7pm GMT / 2pm EST today, Friday 12th February, 2021.

Oh I'm so excited about this! It'll be a great way of trying out new yarns as well as a fab mix of natural dyed and acid dyed yarns. I can't wait to get my own box!

Keep well, stay warm and have a lovely weekend!

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