Yarndale At Home!!!

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I've been preparing for Yarndale At Home, with fond memories of last year's show. It was quite a leap for me personally, and as a business, to exhibit there ... and I loved every minute of it! Times are a little strange right now but once again, we seek out some sort of normality. While virtual shows can never replace in-person shows, we try to make the most of what we have. And so, Yarndale At Home will be kicking off tomorrow at 10 am and there is so much planned! I'm excited!

A line of eight vivid but autumnal coloured skeins of yarn, hanging on grid wall hooks

All of this weekend's details will be on the Yarndale website, where there are lots of fun demo videos and interesting talks (for ticket holders) as well as links to all of the exhibitors. Some of us are taking part in the Knit and Natter by way of instagram lives. Again the full schedule is on the Yarndale website. I'll be having a chat about colour choices on my instagram account at 1:05 pm BST. Feel free to ask me any questions there or by email at hello@fruitfulfusion.co.uk I may also refer to a certain MKAL I'm planning to take part in! I've also prepared a special little video for you, so do look out for that at Yarndale At Home!  

A variegated, cream, blue and rust, curled up mini skein in my hand, in the foreground, with for full size skeins in the background in similar colours

As for the Yarndale shop update, I have some warm autumnal colourways coming your way, as well as some fun ones too, of course! The update will go live at 8 am BST and if you've signed up to the newsletter, you'll have a discount code in your inbox! 

Have a wonderful weekend! 


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