New Year, New Yarn Storage?

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As I said previously, there's a lot of re-organising going on here. I now have an allocated space for packing all of your orders, storing all of the yummy, dyed and dried squishiness (no more dining table yarn-skeining sessions) and for typing and sending out these emails! Woohoo! There is actually another new space I can't wait to share with you, but it needs a little tidy up first!

As for all of my yarny WIPS (Works In Progress), they are still being sorted out. I don't know about you, but I have LOADS! So now, I'm working my way through them and trying to finish off more projects than I start. Well, that's the plan for 2021! 

Sunnydale Sweater

An unfinished colourwork sweater with a grey main colour and a dark, forest green fading in to a neon green for contrast.

* The beautiful project bag in the photo above is an Otter and Spell creation that Vicky made for the Flower Power Fund.

One of my WIPs is the lovely Sunnydale Sweater by Roos Vlaskamp of Flax Field Designs. It's a gorgeous 4 ply or fingering weight, colourwork sweater. I've used a green semi-fade with neons in it ... and yes, I'm a terrible test knitter and have gone way past the deadline! I really wasn't sure about this colour palette before casting on. But I really do love it now that I've used all four contrast colourways. What do you think? 

Four 50g skeins lined up next to a 100g skein. The colourways are variegated and from left to right they are Gold, Stone, Raspberry, Tulip and Honey Bloom.

The Tulip-Gold Fade Set (4 x 50g skeins) with Honey Bloom might make a nice colour palette for the Sunnydale too! 

Ascend Pullover

The knitted fabric of a sweater on the needles, lying on the diagonal with a yarn bowl holding a cake of yarn in the corner. The fabric is made up of Gold and Rhino Tears.

* The coveted yarn bowl in the photo is by Emily Cross of Em Cross Ceramics.

Another one of my WIPs is the Ascend pullover by Tif Neilan, published in Issue 10 of Laine Magazine. For this, I'm using Merino Aran and two colourways with a subtle contrast, Gold and Rhino Tears. I absolutely love the fabric created with the Merino Aran. 

In case you weren't aware, there is a Clearance section here with some one of a kind skeins as well as yarn bases that I won't be dyeing up again soon.  

Have a great week! 

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