The Autumn Box - A Wonderful Collaboration

Posted by Ishrat Khawja on

Some of you will already have heard about the collaboration with Ellen of KaLokShekEllen and Verity of Truly Hooked. We're having lots of fun putting together a delightful celebration of Autumn!

Autumn Box graphic explaining what it includes with the price of £40

For an Autumn baby, I seem to be more attached to warmth and sunshine. I'd have to put that down to travelling a lot as I was growing up and probably also, living in warmer parts of the world. But I do love connecting with the seasons, whether it be in the food I cook, seeking out seasonal hints with the children when out walking, or the colours I gravitate towards. Oh I'm so excited about the Autumn Box!  

The box will include a 50g skein of yarn dyed by Verity, another dyed by myself and a handmade project bag by Ellen. They can be pre-ordered here, now and will ship out by the end of October. You might even get some sneak peeks over on our social media accounts!  

And if you're up for more yarn shopping, it's Southern Wool Show weekend over at the Online Wool Show. You'll find some Fruitful Fusion yarn there at 10% off! 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! 

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