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Please note: 

The images below are of the last Ramadan Wool Club box from 2023. 

This is a pre-order listing for the Ramadan Wool Club 2024, a collaboration box between Abuelita Fiber Company, Aquarius Make, Fruitful Fusion, Knitting Niqabi & Hawari Bazaar.

All orders will be shipped at the end of February, 2024.

Please purchase this item separately from other orders.

This listing is for all RWC boxes shipping to the UK, Europe and all non-US and Canada locations. 
For all US + territories/Canadian buyers, please visit Hawari Bazaar Yarn Co's listing here.

- 2024 Ramadan Wool Club -

A collaboration box of 5 talented Muslim fibre artists with the intention to honour sisterhood, mindful workship & creativity. The Ramadan Wool Club features 5 Indie dyers: Abuelita Fiber Co., Aquarius Make, Fruitful Fusion, Hawari Bazaar, and Knitting Niqabi.

Come join us in celebrating this amazing time of the year!

The Ramadan Wool Club will be available in 2 options:

  • 30 Nights of Wool: 30 x 20g mini skeins dyed between the 5 indie dyers and a handful of extra goodies.
  • 5 Blessed Fridays: 5 x 50g skeins dyed between the 5 indie dyers and a handful of extra goodies.

This year, you will have the opportunity to spend a few days with each of the dyers and get a taste for their unique style and speciality.

In the Wool Box you will receive:

  • A curated set of 6 mini skeins/ 5 50g skeins from each dyer
  • A special Eid bundle of 5 mini skeins from the five dyers
  • Several extra goodies!

Theme Options:

  • Team Coffee
  • Team Tea

Take a look at the images to see what previous years' boxes looked like!

The Wool Club will be shipped out at the end of February from Fruitful Fusion for UK/International residents and Hawari Bazaar Yarn Co for US/Canada residents in time for Ramadan 2023 (last week of March 2023). 

Please get in touch if you're uncertain about where to order from.


Yarn Specs:
Due to the varying specialties of our dyers, the RWC boxes will offer a mixed selection of Superwash & Non-Superwash fingering weight yarns, both using natural and acid dyes.


Our Dyers:
The Ramadan Wool Box is a beautiful collaboration between five talented Muslim dyers around the world. You can check out their amazing talents here:

Abuelita Fiber Company - Fatima, or Fati as she's affectionately called, specializes in lush natural dyes and locally sourced non-superwash wool in Virginia.
@abuelitafibercompany on Instagram

Aquarius Make - Fatima, a most wonderful indie dyer, produces gorgeous acid-dyed colorways using mostly Superwash bases.
@aquarius_make on Instagram

Fruitful Fusion - Ishrat is a masterful dyer out of the United Kingdom of acid dyes & superwash wool, mostly
@fruitfulfusion on Instagram

Knitting Niqabi - Kelcey of Knitting Niqabi, is an accomplished dyer who specializes in gorgeous naturally dyed non-superwash wool.
@knittingniqabi on Instagram

Hawari Bazaar - Corinne loves her bright colors and speckles, and can always be found with her acid dyes and mostly superwash yarn.
@hawaribazaaryarnco on Instagram


All skeins are hand dyed in small batches, and though they may be from the same dyelot, no two skeins will be exactly alike. 

All are thoroughly washed after the dyeing process, but some bleeding may occur in the beginning. Please wash separately to prevent bleeding onto other items.

Please note that every effort has been taken to show accurate color, but due to varying monitors, colors may vary.

Machine wash cold.
Lay flat to dry.
Hand wash, lay flat to dry is always recommended.